With over 200 Art Glass shower door knob designs to pick from, you and your client will find just the right look to complement their bathroom decor. Collaborating with some of the worlds most acclaimed Studio Glass artists, we are able to create these solid glass shower door knobs that are truly museum quality and will become tomorrow’s heirlooms for generations to enjoy. Custom designs are welcomed to be commissioned.


You have to have two knobs on a door to hold them against each other. A 1/2" hole thru the shower door is required. We supply a nylon washer that goes into the 1/2" hole and allows a 1/4"X20 Stainless all-thread to pass thru it to join the two knobs against the glass. We also supply two thin nylon washers to go between the glass and the shank of each knob. Our standard finishes for the shank portion are polished chrome, polished stainless, satin nickel and satin stainless. Other finishes are available.


Due to the nature of the hot glass medium we work in, replication of these designs is as close to the pictured product as technically possible. Color hues, position of the elements and size will vary from piece to piece. This variance is what makes each heirloom piece we create a totally unique work of art

Construction of Shower Door Knobs


All of our shower door knobs are made from solid glass created with either the "Lampworking" (also called Flameworking) method using Borosilicate glass or the "Furnace Glass" method using "Batch" glass. Hundreds of different techniques, processes and artist's secrets are utilized in the creation of all the unique Art Glass designs we offer.


Once the piece is created it is "Flame Polished" by torch or in the "Glory Hole" and is then put in an annealer to "Soak" until it slowly reaches room temperature. This annealing process relieves the stresses in the glass and hardens the piece against breakage. We then take each individual glass design and "Cold Work" them with diamond tooling to get them ready to assemble to the appropriate finished shank. All of our shanks are CNC machined to exacting tolerances from the highest quality 316 marine grade stainless steel to make a perfect fit to the glass orb.


All finishes are put over the 316 stainless steel shank to insure that there never is any corrosion of the base metal in our products. From our research we find that we are the only ones in the industry that goes to these lengths for quality assurance. Once the shank and the glass are chemically cleaned for assembly we use a two part epoxy specially formulated for us for metal to glass adhesion to bond the pieces together.


It takes 24 hours for this epoxy to cure which results in a super strong connection that we guarantee for life. Every glass design is artistically orientated on the shank for the best viewing when installed. We go to great lengths to make sure that each piece of decorative hardware we create will be as special to you as it is to us making it.


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