Front Entry Pulls

Out of the Blue Design Studio has broadened its beautiful lines of Art Glass hardware by introducing a new line of illuminated front entry handles. Using cutting edge color changing LED technology, the handles can change a rainbow of colors in a multitude of programs all from a hand held remote control. The metal ends that hold the glass are also high tech in that they are created using a proprietary 3D metal printing process that can produce any design created on 3D computer programs. The crab is just one of many sea creature designs created so far. The glass handles are between 1 ¾” – 2” in diameter and some designs can be made as long as 36”. Many designs ranging from spiral rainbows to depth carved clear glass handles have been developed and custom designs can be commissioned.

A remote transformer that supplies 5V to the handle powers the Led lit handles. They require very little amperage to light, therefore the wires are small gauge that have to run thru the door from an electrified hinge. The electrified hinge is a specially made hinge that supplies voltage thru it in concealed wires, therefore making the connection invisible.