Shower Doorknobs

We have made a change to our shower door shank and made it the same size as our doorknob shank. We are also now using the doorknob size glass (2 ¼” dia.) for our shower door knobs (used to be 2” dia.). Therefore any design in the doorknob section can be made into a shower door knob! That gives you many more designs to pick from. The prices would now be the same as the doorknob prices. They are also priced per knob.

You have to have two knobs on a door to hold them against each other. A 1/2″ hole thru the shower door is required. We supply a nylon washer that goes into the 1/2″ hole and allows a 1/4″ X20 Stainless all-thread to pass thru it to join the two knobs against the glass. We also supply two thin nylon washers to go between the glass and the shank of each knob. Our standard finishes for the shank portion are polished chrome, polished stainless, satin nickel and satin stainless. Other finishes available

(Please indicate you want a “Shower” knob when placing your order)

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